The NFA (No-F*cking-Around) Money Mindset with Dr Amanda Barrientez


Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved a good makeover.  I am completely enthralled by the dramatic transformations on RuPaul’s Drag Race and Property Brothers, but I am also a sucker for a great dog rescue story where an allegedly aggressive Pittie becomes another family’s Good Boi.  But, the stories that inspire me most are those of women who had their back against the wall and came out swinging.   No matter what is in her rearview mirror, when a resilient and determined woman reaches her point of no return, she shifts into a “no fucking around” mindset, and from that point forward, everything changes. 

Today’s guest, Amanda Barrientez, also known as Dr. Amanda, The Money Healer has the kind of story I love the most.  Because I was a social worker and psychotherapist who worked with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds in a former life, Amanda’s early life experiences sounded all too familiar.  Fast forward to marriage, kids, grad school, divorce, and Amanda found herself on the professor track but paid so poorly that she and the kids qualified for food stamps.  This was her NFA turning point. 

Amanda recently interviewed me for her YouTube NFA Money Stories series and I learned then that nothing is off-limits for her, so we were able to go deep into some really important areas not often discussed on a podcast.  I am grateful that she was so open and generous with her life experience and the work she has done to transform it. This is not your typical rags to riches story where it's all sunshine and rainbows, touting entrepreneurship as easy and fun.  One of the many things we agreed on is that getting what you want is hard.  And it’s also worth it. 

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Growing up as a little brown girl in an all-white upper-class neighborhood
  • Learning about all the ‘isms’ in grad school after being raised by evangelicals
  • Ditching the victim mindset for extreme ownership 
  • Her 3 step system for blasting your money blocks 

Amanda walked away from being a professor to become a money mindset and manifestation coach. She helps female entrepreneurs reach 6 figures and beyond through her 3 step money mindset system and NFA Money Mamas mastermind.  Smart, funny, down to earth, and refreshingly candid, this convo was satisfying on so many levels and you are just going to love it and her.  

Mic Drop Moment:  

“You get what you believe.” (Dr. Amanda) 

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