The 5 Types of Boundaries You Need in Business

One of the areas of business strategy I find most of my clients need help with is business boundaries, and often times they don't even realize it. Boundary problems may be the root cause when you find yourself working too much, making too little, and dealing with needy, demanding, or never-satisfied clients. Boundary problems are often to blame for working really hard but not moving forward, investing a ton in learning for your business but never having enough time to implement what you have learned. If any of this sounds familiar, this episode is for you. 

When we struggle with boundaries, we tend to feel resentful, frustrated and overwhelmed. We may think it's a time management issue or that we simply have too much to do and not enough support from others. The tendency to blame, whether ourselves or others is very tempting (I do it too, from time to time...) but nothing moves the needle like self-awareness and personal responsibility. This is truly empowering because when we recognize that we are part of the problem, we can then get busy creating a solution. And, in this episode, I am going to show you exactly how to get started. 

The 5 types of boundaries you need in your business are time, energy, money, people & effort. The place to start with each of them is to uncover where you are investing, spending, and wasting each of these resources. Behavior change is hard, and this episode is a big-picture overview. Pick one area and take the first step. Once you've made some progress, take another step or take the first step in another category. 

Every action we take that reduces our risk of burnout and increases our profit ratio improves the sustainability of our business and gives us more confidence in our entrepreneurial journey. Rather than buying yet another course or enrolling in yet another quick-fix program, take a look at where you can bolster your boundaries for free with these simple steps.  Listening to this episode will give you the big-picture perspective on why you need better business boundaries, but to move the needle, you need to take action and for that, you need a roadmap.   

Click this link to get my PDF checklist “5 Types of Boundaries You Need in Your Business” with action steps for each area and links to free resources that will help you get started:

I am working on an audio course on the topic of boundaries for female solopreneurs, so stay tuned to be one of the first to hear about it when it’s released.  

So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman! Please join us next week for another amazing guest interview with Tara Newman, who is going to straighten out our money madness and steer us toward greater profit potential in our business.


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