The $250K Business Breakthrough with Laura Khalil

This is a conversation I have been looking forward to having for quite a while because my guest, Laura Khalil specializes in helping female consultants make $250k.  First off,   I was intensely curious, why $250k, when the majority of business coaches and consultants are talking about helping their clients hit 6-figures or 7-figures?  I already knew that the skills and strategies that get you to 100k are not going to get you to 250k, but when you are not promoting group programs, courses, or having the leverage and scale convo, what else is there?  Well, this is where we are going in today’s super exciting conversation.  I am so rarely speechless, but it literally happened in this interview because of all I learned from Laura and can’t wait to share with you. 

Laura pulls back the curtain on:

  • Why 88% of consultants top off at $113k, and what she does differently 
  • The majority of consultants experience feast or famine cycles in business
  • Why most marketing is bullshit and what she teaches her clients instead
  • How she manages to work a lot fewer hours than her less well-paid peers
  • A different way to look at scaling your consulting business 
  • The flat tire analogy that puts it all in perspective 


Mic Drop Moment:  

“The secret to earning $250k as a consultant is not a secret.  You need to become highly referable.” Laura Khalil 

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Also mentioned in this episode:  “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz 

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