Forget Generic Advice: Tailored Email Marketing Strategies with Bev Feldman

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2023

Ever felt like you don’t know what to write to your email subscribers, or don’t even know why you have a list, to begin with?  If you find yourself spinning in circles trying to figure out how often to email your list, what to include in your emails, and what metrics to measure, you are not alone. Most of the mass-marketed advice we have been subjected to is meant for course creators and coaches who build their list with Facebook ads, a 2% conversion rate, and plenty of unsubscribers just looking for the latest freebie, what are the standards for experts and thought leaders?   

Enter Bev Feldman, Your Personal Tech Fairy.  Bev is a seasoned email marketing strategist with a passion for helping small business owners grow their reach and impact.  As a consultant, Bev focuses on the unique needs of her clients, providing them with personalized strategies that align with their business model and goals. Her expertise in email automation and relationship building has made her a sought-after resource for experts and consultants looking to improve their email marketing game without a huge list and spammy tactics. 


In this episode, Bev & I dig into:

  • Focusing on an engaged email list instead of just amassing huge numbers.
  • Personalizing email marketing based on the business model and individual persona.
  • Selecting the email marketing platform suited to your enterprise needs.
  • Engaging expert assistance in navigating complex email marketing systems.
  • Establish lasting connections with clients through shared values and transparency.


Business Models and Email Lists

Different business models have different email marketing requirements. It's crucial to customize your email marketing strategy to suit your business model, instead of blindly following trends. For businesses with a thriving referral network or those that provide high-touch services, a quarterly email might suffice. Others may require more frequent communication with their audiences to build and maintain a pipeline of potential clients. By understanding and adjusting your email marketing approach to suit your specific business needs, you can optimize your strategy for better results and growth.


Building Relationships

Engaging with subscribers and nurturing relationships with the right audience is crucial for a successful email marketing strategy. Instead of concentrating on a massive list of subscribers, aim for a smaller, more engaged segment that genuinely appreciates what you offer. Make your audience feel acknowledged and valued by addressing their specific needs and preferences, which will lead to stronger connections and promote the growth of your business. By genuinely engaging and nurturing relationships, business owners can create a loyal customer base with higher chances of conversion. 

The key lies in understanding your audience's requirements and tailoring your messaging accordingly.  During the interview, Bev mentioned our mutual mentor, Dr. Michelle Mazur, who believes if you have a high-ticket, high-touch program with a handful of clients a year, you can probably just email your people quarterly and spend your time on other networking and relationship-building activities. 

Strategies mentioned in this episode are:

  • Include an automated sequence in your email marketing to make new subscribers feel welcome and start building a relationship with them.
  • Invite subscribers to reply to your emails, even if they engage with you on other platforms, to encourage conversation and nurture relationships.
  • Use automation to save time on repetitive tasks, but make sure your personality and voice come through in the automated messages.
  • Use segmentation to tailor your emails to specific groups of subscribers, such as by location, interests, or behavior
  • Ask for feedback or opinions from your subscribers to foster engagement and build relationships


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Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:02:15 - Building Relationships
Bev Feldman emphasizes the importance of building relationships through email marketing, rather than just focusing on growing a large list. 

00:05:08 - Engagement Metrics
Bev cautioned against relying solely on open rates. Instead, she advises looking at context and engagement through other channels such as social media.

00:10:59 - Email Automation
Bev highlights the importance of finding a balance between automation and personalization to ensure a strong relationship with subscribers.

00:14:58 - Finding Your Email Strategy
Bev Feldman suggests creating an email strategy that feels good to you and injecting personality into automated emails that can set expectations for when people can hear back from you and provide helpful information, such as links to book a call.

00:24:23 - Business Models and Email Lists
Bev advises that some businesses with a strong referral network may not need an email list, while others could benefit from showing up consistently in people's inboxes.

00:38:09 - When to Hire Help
Hiring a strategist for an email platform migration or to improve current platform usage can be helpful, especially during a phase of business growth. Strategists can offer insight on future forecasting and maximizing platform usage.


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