Stop Getting Ready & Start Taking Action

This episode is all about a lesson I learned the hard way in my own business and want to help you learn it quicker: Taking Action vs. Getting Ready.  What I learned is that getting ready doesn't move the needle and that there is no participation trophy in business. I learned to trust my instincts and to have specific benchmarks to know when enough preparation and planning are enough.  We also need to be leaders to our clients and team by taking action, not just focusing on our mindset. Furthermore, we need to stop overdelivering and undercharging and be mindful of not getting lost in researching and overcomplicating our ideas. 

"There is no participation trophy or attendance award in business. It just doesn't matter.  Women business owners are first and foremost women. And because we're women, we have all been culturally conditioned to think that we're not enough. This belief can make you stuck in an endless cycle of getting ready instead of pulling the trigger. "

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How can women stop getting ready and start taking action in their businesses?
  2. What are the signs to look out for that you are spending too much time getting ready instead of taking action?
  3. What techniques can be used to overcome the cultural conditioning of not feeling enough and start trusting yourself and leading?


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Chapter Summaries:


Stop Getting Ready and Start Taking Action is a hard-hitting, no-BSing solo episode. Most of the people that I work with as a consultant, coach, and business strategist are not beginners. You might be surprised how many people with years, even decades of experience can still get caught up in this trap.


Women business owners are first and foremost women. There is no participation trophy or attendance award in business. You need just enough planning to get you into action.


Early-stage solopreneurs get caught up in spending an inordinate amount of time choosing their logo, fonts, and brand colors, and creating their brand board. If you're consuming too much information and not taking action with it, that's a sign in general, being a follower instead of a leader.


As women, we are culturally conditioned to think we're not enough. We tend to over-deliver in our business and under charge. Your clients need to be impressed with themselves and what they can accomplish with your support. You do not need another course, or another certification if you haven't taken action.


If you are prone to overthinking, set a time limit. How much time does this idea need to be fleshed out to a minimum viable size and then take action? Remember, your first step doesn't have to be a big one.


The mindset is committed to creating the minimum viable product. What is the smallest thing that I can create and then offer to the minimum viable audience?

Do that and then you can test and tweak. That's how we avoid spending an enormous amount of time and energy creating something that doesn't sell.


Getting into the right rooms, both physical rooms and online rooms is really important. Most new business owners tend to only hang around with other business owners. Consider joining some mixed-gender groups. You may be able to make all of these changes on your own. But if you need more support, consider partnering with me.


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