Stop Attracting Less Than Ideal Clients for Your Coaching Program with Heidi Taylor

When I first talked with Heidi Taylor about being a guest on the podcast, I initially expected to interview her about her specific niche as a consultant - how to use an intake form or questionnaire to pre-screen potential clients for your group coaching program. Clearly, this is something I am interested in learning before re-launching The Boss Up Breakthrough again, and I know it would be of value to my podcast listeners as well.

After we confirmed and started planning the episode, Heidi send me a Voxer message asking me about my Strengths Finder Top 5 and my enneagram number. After I shared my answers, Heidi told me she had an idea for the episode, but it would require a lot more vulnerability and courage, and once she explained what she had in mind, I knew I had to say yes. Here's why...

One of the most talked about episodes of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast is episode #125, "Lessons from a Failed Launch." The reason is simple. I pulled the plug on my group program launch this fall because I wasn't able to attract enough of my "perfect fit" clients to fill the group program and I simply wasn't willing to create a less-than-optimal experience for the people who signed up. And, then I talked about it openly and honestly on my podcast, to normalize failure and model making mistakes and learning from them.

Heidi's suggestion was this: instead of you interviewing me about my area of expertise, why don't we show your audience by letting me coach you, and sharing some of the tools I use in my consulting business, so I can help you figure out why you might not be attracting enough of the right people to your group program? Spoiler alert: THIS is why I recommend you listen to episode #125 either before or after listening to this one. The cool part is that while this is about me and my business, you will find the insights so relatable for you and your business, too.

If you have ever wondered why you are attracting people to your programs, but they might not be the ones that will get the best results working with you, you are going to want to pay close attention to this conversation between Heidi Taylor and me. I honestly had so many "mind-blown" moments that it literally made me re-think so many things I thought I knew and even rendered me temporarily speechless. If you know me even a little, you know how rare THAT is. So, grab your favorite beverage and be prepared to listen, learn and grow.


My key insight from this interview:

My strengths are 60% in the domain of Strategic Thinking and 40% in the domain of Influencing, so the best clients for me would be those whose strengths are in the areas of Relationship-Building and Executing. I have been marketing to and attracting my twins, but the clients who would get the most amazing results working with me would be my opposites.

Mic Drop Moment: Your screening process needs to uncover what excites and motivates your potential client.


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Enneagram Descriptions: (free resource) 


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For many solopreneurs, the last quarter of the year can feel like a scramble…throw together a Black Friday special, discount your fees because potential clients are thinking about their holiday budget, or just hunker down, serve your existing clients and try to reduce costs for the rest of the year?  There is nothing wrong with doing any of these things, but they are tactics, not a strategy, and tactics might produce results, but it’s a crap shoot.  

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