Standing Out in a Crowded Market with a Signature System with Claudia Schalkx

In today's episode, Claudia Schalkx will share the power of implementing a signature system in your business as a way to stand out and help you be more consistent with your marketing. A signature system can be used for marketing, sales, content generation, and even business decision-making, so you save time, stay focused, position yourself as an expert, and potentially elevate your pricing.  If your marketing is all over the place, attracting the wrong people or eating up too much time and energy, it’s time to consider a signature solution of your own. Claudia is the person I turned to when I decided to create my own signature system and has become a good friend and biz bestie. 

The benefits of a signature system for your small business:

- Versatility:

  - Uses in marketing, sales, content generation, and business decision-making:

  - Saves time and keeps the message on target:

  - Positions the speaker as an expert:

  - Potential for raising prices:

  - Helps you differentiate yourself from competitors in a clear and compelling way

  - By selling the outcome, not the implementation: simplifies the buying decision 

  - Helps you stay focused and avoid chasing multiple ideas

  - You can easily customize the signature system to fit individual client needs


Meet our guest: 

Claudia Schalkx is a marketing consultant and expert in developing signature systems for businesses. She understands that a signature system is not just a blueprint or business plan, but rather, it is a comprehensive solution that encompasses both the roadmap and the detailed steps needed to guide clients from their current state to their desired outcome. By focusing on the deliverables, milestones, and transformations that occur throughout the process, Claudia's signature solutions streamline the explanation of complex processes and assure clients that tangible results will be achieved. 

Connect with Claudia beyond this episode:


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For the time-crunched, or impatient, here’s the TLDL version:

00:15:22 Signature system is a flexible process that allows customization.

00:19:43 Tailor marketing strategies to individual clients' needs.

00:35:52 Signature system brings clarity and focus.

00:38:45 The only magic in marketing: consistency and unique solutions.

00:57:37 Visual representation of your process builds trust.


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