Something to Prove with Kellie Roy

confidence mindset Sep 20, 2021

Today’s guest, Kellie Roy, knew from the age of 18 that she wanted to be a casting director, even before she knew what it was called.  She loved movies and had her favorite actors and actresses, often thinking “I wish this actress would get a chance to appear in bigger movies so more people would know how awesome she is.” Once she learned that there was a job where she could do exactly that, she was determined to follow that path and has never looked back. 

There are only about 2300 casting directors in the entertainment industry and Kellie knew that she would be one of them at an age and stage when most of us couldn’t figure out which lipstick to wear to a party.  I was totally fascinated with her clarity and certainty and just knew she would be an interesting guest for the podcast.  

Kellie is an excellent example of how we can gain confidence by facing our fears, embracing failure, and developing resiliency along the way.   

 Other fascinating things about Kellie:

  • Being told “You're not that good” by her community college basketball coach motivated her to improve, resulting in a basketball scholarship at San Francisco State University. 
  • Being diagnosed and treated for a communication disorder inspired her to join the speech and debate team, after 6 years of speech therapy 
  • Her two older brothers excelled in sports and debate inspired her, instead of intimidating her 
  • Her relationship with imposter syndrome, in spite of her determination and success

To see a list of films that Kelly has worked on,  here is her IMDb page:

The article mentioned during this episode:  Atlantic Magazine’s The Confidence Gap is the subject of episode #71 of this podcast.  If you missed it, go back and listen.  


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