Right-Size Your Business to Fit Your Life


If you are like most of us, you jumped into your online business with nothing more than the intense desire to BYOB ( Be Your Own Boss, that is…) and put your faith in the celebrity coaches and online gurus to show you the way.  Now you are a few years into it, working too many hours,  making too little money, and feeling super stressed about how to get anything else done in your so-called life.  

It’s time to do a reality check, climb out from under our sunk cost and shame shit and forgive ourselves, so we can get busy right-sizing our business. None of those gurus is living your life, paying your bills, or coping with your problems so you are the expert on how your business should actually look and how to make it fit your life, instead of taking over your life.  You can right-size your business, no matter how long you have been in it, by asking yourself some important questions and making the changes that align with your honest answers.  

Things to Consider to Right-Size Your Business?:

  • How many hours a week can you devote to your business?
  • How long is your runway?
  • How many hours can you give your business each week?
  • How much revenue do you need your business to provide? 
  • What are your financial needs and cash flow comfort zone? 
  • What is your end game for this business? 
  • What level of intimacy do you want with your clients?
  • How much time (or money) can you devote to marketing? 
  • What is your capacity (energy, bandwidth)?

There is no one “right-size” business for everybody because each of us has a different life, responsibilities, challenges, and priorities.  Your business can change as your stage of life and opportunities change, so don’t shoehorn yourself into anyone else’s version of a dream business.  You don’t “have to” do anything unless it’s right and sustainable for you.  


Did you recognize yourself in any of the ways I talked about in this episode? So many of my clients knew they were struggling and suspected they were holding themselves back in their business when they hired me, and one of the first things we did was to assess their mindset and habits.  If you don’t know what isn’t working, you won’t know what to change, right?  

I created a quiz with 6 different behaviors I often see in female solopreneurs that limit their income, profit, and success.  Once you take the quiz, you will receive specific feedback, guidance, and practical advice about your particular challenge and more importantly, steps you can take to fix it.   

Click on this link to take the quiz: What’s Holding You Back?   https://bit.ly/obstaclesquiz


As you heard in today’s episode, it’s finally happening (cue Lizzo’s  “It’s About Damn Time”)!  I am launching my brand new program this fall, The Boss Up Breakthrough, based on my proven framework for next-level success for female solopreneurs, this program is one part coaching, one part mastermind,  one part accountability circle, and a whole lotta fun getting past whatever is holding us back, with a small group of other baddies. 

Click here to be notified of all the details: Group Coaching Waitlist 


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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  Please join us next week for another amazing Client Success Story episode with Meredith Ferguson my brilliant client.  Meredith and I will be talking about marketing your genius and how to launch your creative business even if you are scared shitless and filled with those fraudy feelings.  In the meantime, stay driven! 


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