Relationship Status with Social Media? "It's Complicated" with Andrea Jones

The number of entrepreneurs talking about burnout, saying they have a love-hate relationship with social media or wishing they could just opt out altogether, but worry about possible negative consequences just keeps growing, but it’s undeniable that social media is a part of our lives and the marketing of our small businesses.  I have certainly been struggling in my relationship with social media and so have a number of my female solopreneur clients, so I dedicated it was time to chat with an expert whose insights I value. 

Today’s guest, Andrea Jones is a social media strategist who's been navigating the digital landscape for over a decade. Her perspective has evolved beyond the traditional focus on audience growth to prioritizing meaningful connections and community building. With a passion for creating genuine relationships, Andrea brings a unique perspective to this conversation about the role of social media in entrepreneurship.

If you’re feeling the weight of a “complicated” relationship with social media, this episode is a must-listen. It’s time to reclaim our power and transform our social media presence into one that feels satisfying, sustainable, and aligned with our personal and professional values, and this thoughtful conversation just may help you take the first step. 


Key Takeaways from the Episode:

🎙️The difference between engagement and connection in social media, and why genuine connections cannot be manufactured.

🎙️ How to navigate social media as a business owner by creating tangible, real, and response-style content that resonates with consumers.

🎙️The negative impact of overexposure to social media and how to alleviate social media burnout by prioritizing non-scalable actions 

🎙️The importance of recognizing your own goals and values, separate from the social media platform's goals.


Mentioned by our guest in this episode:

Travis Brown:


Want more of Andrea?  Here’s literally everything:


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To put these insights to work in your relationship with social media, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you choose to address the challenges posed by the pressure for continual growth and scaling in business? 
  • What is the distinction between engagement and connection in social media, as highlighted in this episode, and how does it affect the way we measure the value and impact of our interactions on these platforms?
  • In what ways can you as a small business owner use social media to engage in meaningful interactions, alleviate burnout, and contribute actively within closed community spaces, as described in the episode?

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