Reach & Serve Busy People Using Audio with Lindsay Padilla

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast.  If you are working with busy people (and let’s face it, who isn’t busy these days?)  then you are struggling with how to connect with them,  market to them,  sell to them, and serve them.  Our time, energy, focus, and attention are all limited and we need to invest them in the most efficient way possible, always keeping an eye on whether what we are choosing is helping us meet our goals, or is just a distraction.  Learning the best ways to be both effective and efficient is how we stay ahead of the competition and earn the loyalty of our clients.  

Today’s guest, Lindsay Padilla is the co-founder of Hello Audio, an audio content creation tool for entrepreneurs. She is also a former college professor who turned to entrepreneurship after feeling unfulfilled in her long-standing position. Lindsay is passionate about simplifying content creation processes and making it easier to learn on the go, through audio.  

In this episode, Lindsay and I talk about why audio is the ideal way to reach and serve busy people, and why private podcasts are the way to go for entrepreneurs to explore the benefits of audio in long-form learning, Lindsay provides invaluable insights that any entrepreneur can use to create high-quality content.  Because both Lindsay and I are female entrepreneurs with ADHD,  we also chat about why audio is the ideal medium if you have ADHD, both as a content creator and as a content consumer or client.  

Here are just a few of the highlights you will hear in this episode: 

  • The power of audio for immersive learning, enhancing course content,  creating community, and improving completion rates.  
  • Lindsay's personal journey- from academia to entrepreneurship and how her commitment to making learning more accessible and efficient is her mission.
  • How Hello Audio made the podcast creation process simpler and more accessible to entrepreneurs.
  • The innovations of Hello Audio in segmenting, tagging, and automation for private podcasts.
  • The future of audio, especially now that AI has entered the arena 

Connect with Lindsay online:

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Hello Audio:  (7-day free trial) 

I am not an affiliate for very many companies, but I am for Hello Audio. If you’re ready to start a private podcast with Hello Audio let them know I sent you!


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Too busy to hear the entire interview? Here are some timestamps to skip to… 

[00:06:03] Identity shift from professor to entrepreneur.

[00:08:56] Audio has unique benefits for learning.

[00:13:29] Podcasts engage creativity and form relationships imaginarily.

[00:18:09] Audio's potential as a deeper medium.

[00:23:35] Private podcast is exclusive and personalized content.

[00:36:33] Simplified podcast creation tool saves time.

[00:43:14] AI audio's shaky future, immersion important.


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