Planning for Success with Mridu Parikh

Far too many female entrepreneurs fail to reach their goals because they don’t plan for success.  They think that passion, energy, and creativity are enough and may reject the idea of planning as unnecessary, irrelevant, or just too painful.  I used to be one of them and gave myself every possible excuse for why I couldn’t plan when I was actually afraid I wouldn’t follow through. 

Today’s guest, Mridu Parikh, a former professional organizer turned productivity coach, author, podcaster and speaker is obsessed with planning and believes that not only does planning create freedom, but that we will never reach our most important goals without a plan. 

Mridu specializes in helping overwhelmed mompreneurs prioritize and systemize so they take control of their demands and distractions – at home and at work.

Here are a couple of the highlights you are going to hear:

  • Mridu says most women treat their brain like a warehouse, but we should think of it as a factory instead 
  • How to stay focused on your most important goal by anchoring to it every day with this simple technique 
  • Clarity comes from action, not thinking 


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Mridu is the founder of Life Is Organized, author of the Amazon bestseller, Accomplish It, and the host of the Productivity on Purpose podcast. When she’s not wrangling a list or schedule, you can usually find her hanging out with her two teens and one husband in Nashville or enjoying a Malbec.


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