Overcoming Fear & Indecision: How to Take Risks in Your Business

As women entrepreneurs, we often face the pressure to appear successful by avoiding mistakes, and end up making decisions driven by fear, based on assumptions that are flawed.  Many businesses that seem prosperous on the outside may actually be struggling behind the scenes including those we are trying to emulate. To truly thrive in business, we need to find the balance between passion, purpose, planning, prioritizing, and profitability. It's time to shift our mindset, make strategic decisions, and take actions that move our businesses forward and stop looking for proven processes and magic pills.  

In this episode, we'll explore how to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and prevent regret while still embracing risks.   To make this information both informative and actionable,  don’t forget to grab the worksheet that will help you work through these questions and unleash your confidence. 

So get ready to make empowered decisions and unlock your full potential as a driven woman entrepreneur. Let's dive in! 


Mentioned during this episode:

Grab the Taking Risks & Making Decisions worksheet with the the present, future & regrets questions shared in this episode: https://bit.ly/3DSOQ9v

Episode #103  “How to Deal With Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt”  https://bit.ly/3Mp4sDZ


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TLDL (time stamps) 

00:05:29 Building a business, scaling, and trusting intuition.

00:11:06 Indulging in buffering and confusion in business.

00:19:15 Overcoming fear and analyzing worst case scenario.

00:27:42 Don't expect control; embrace uncertainty and adapt

00:34:38 Prevent regret by embracing mindset, skill, and action.


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