Navigating the Expert vs Thought Leader Debate

If you're looking to become a recognized expert or thought leader, this episode will show you how to maximize your credentials, expertise, and professional networks to get there. Unlock the secrets to establishing yourself as a thought leader by leveraging your connections.

"The term expert has really evolved in the last few years. It has gone from the definition of a person who has extensive knowledge and ability based on research, experience, education, occupation in a particular field to basically being somebody who knows a little bit more than the person they're trying to help."

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Understand the differences between experts, professionals, and thought leaders.
  • Learn about ethical and moral obligations as a professional.
  • Utilize online presence to build an expert business.
  • Leverage a professional network to become a thought leader.
  • Tap into professional goals to market yourself.


Resources mentioned in this episode:


Here are the key points I cover:

  • Identity crises faced by professionals who start a coaching or consulting business 
  • How to know which path to take - expert or thought leader 
  • When and why your credentials matter 


Becoming a genuine expert takes time and dedication. Legitimate experts have accumulated a deep knowledge of their field over years of experience and research. A professional is generally defined as someone who is a member of a profession, who works in a specific professional capacity and is subjected to codes of conduct and stringent ethical and moral obligations, as well as government oversight and enforcement by a regulatory body.  

On the other hand, a thought leader is someone whose expertise is demonstrated by consistently answering the biggest questions in the minds of their target audience on their particular topic and who is asked to speak at keynotes. 

In the unregulated industry of coaching, it is important for professionals to include their background, expertise, and credentials in their marketing and promotion to maintain credibility, as this will indicate to potential clients that they are knowledgeable and experienced in their field.


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