Navigating The Crisis of Confidence for Female Business Owners in 2023

In this podcast episode, I'm sharing my honest experiences of what I’m calling the current "Crisis of Confidence" among female business owners, grappling with the conflicting marketing messages, false promises, and broken systems that have left them feeling paralyzed and uncertain who they can trust to help them move forward.

This crisis is a result of the mass confusion and hysteria caused by the false promises of success in business ownership, the lack of funding and business loans, the exhaustion of keeping up with marketing messages, the difficulty of consistently creating quality content, and the distrust of female business coaches, consultants, and course creators. A no-BS approach and trusting in one's own inner wisdom is important in order to have a successful, sustainable business.

"If you have been duped, taken advantage of, lied to, really screwed over by a female coach or consultant or course creator, I am deeply sorry that you experienced that. And I want you to make a commitment to yourself that you are not going to maintain that as your frame of reference for getting help in the future."

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. What is causing the Crisis of Confidence among Female Business Owners? 

2. How is the Pandemic Affecting the Business Landscape? 

3. What Strategies can Help Women Business Owners Rebuild Their Confidence and Regain Their Ability to Trust Themselves?


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Chapter Summaries:


Last week we featured an amazing guest interview with Nicole Kalil. Do yourself a favor and listen to that episode right after you listen to this one. I decided to record this episode after relistening to that interview.


The crisis of confidence among female business owners. If it feels like 2022 was actually a harder year for you as a business owner than 2020 or 2021, that's a reality. Business ownership is hard. There are a lot of moving parts. In her book, She Builds, Jadah Sellner talks about her idea of a female-centric model for business ownership.


As women business owners, we are not feeling confident about our ability to have successful sustainable businesses. Many of us are not confident in knowing how to get whatever help we need. We can't with confidence even turn to each other for help. That's a broken system, my friends.


If you have been duped, taken advantage of, lied to, or really screwed over by a female coach or consultant, you will recover. One of the things I really want to encourage you to work on recovering quickest is your ability to trust yourself.



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