Maybe it's not "Just" Procrastination

If you are anything like me, you have a tendency to procrastinate. You procrastinate on the trivial, but also on things that are important to you and when you do, it can create a lot of seriously negative consequences.   You might even think of yourself as a “procrastinator” (something I do not recommend, and talk about why, in this episode.)   

I believe that everyone procrastinates on some tasks, some of the time,  but it’s just too easy to dump all those times when you said you would do something and you aren’t doing on the procrastination pile.  But, what if it  isn’t “just” procrastination?  What if it’s resistance, avoidance, imposter complex, resentment, or even your intuition pointing you in a different direction?  

Sometimes,  labeling our behavior as “just” procrastination doesn’t go deep enough to identify the real issue.  When this is the case, treating it as procrastination isn’t going to work, or worse, get you even deeper into something that isn’t right for you.  There are times when we need to push ourselves and “just do it” and other times we need a completely different approach.  In this solo episode, we explore the different scenarios that we might incorrectly label as “just procrastination” that really aren’t, what is actually going on, and what to do about it. 

Discussed in this episode: 

  • How to identify when it’s “just procrastination” and when it’s something more 
  • The hidden emotion that pretends to be procrastination 
  • Uncovering intuition in your business through Radical Self Acceptance 
  • Why knowing your personal and business values leads to better decisions
  • What questions to ask yourself to to get unstuck and create confidence 

If you are struggling with procrastination, maybe it’s because you are trying to do something that is not aligned with your values, which creates resistance.  The good news is you can get crystal clear on your top 5 values and use them to make better decisions in your business and life.  

Wanna know how?  

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