Marketing Your Genius: A Client Success Story with Meredith Ferguson

I love helping female solopreneurs find their Zone of Genius, so they can create a satisfying and sustainable business doing what they do best. Today’s guest is client Meredith Ferguson, who decided to work with me because she had two fledging businesses and neither of them was profitable.  She had a lot of natural talent but no systems and no boundaries.  She wanted a legitimate business but was literally giving her work away and because she wasn’t taking herself seriously as a business owner, no one else did either. 

We worked together for several months in my 1:1 coaching program, and one of the first things we did was to set her Pilates business on auto-pilot so she would focus on her website design business.  Then, it was time to get busy creating boundaries, eliminating bartering, and being a beck-and-call-girl for everyone who needed help with their website but weren’t paying for it.  Getting rid of the “freeples” (people who want what you’ve got and expect to get it for nothing) and learning to value her time and skill were some of Meredith’s biggest Boss Up moves during our work together.  


Highlights of this convo:

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome because you don’t have “credentials”
  • Discovering her superpower and seeing its value in the eyes of others 
  • Owning up to her part in being taken advantage of by others 
  • Networking to market your services when you have social anxiety 
  • Giving yourself grace when things interrupt your business momentum 


Mic Drop Moment:  “I always heard that you teach people how to treat you but I didn’t get it until now.  If you don’t communicate your boundaries, you can’t expect people to know what they are.”  Meredith Ferguson 


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