Making Your Business Memorable with Stephanie Scheller

Ever wonder what’s possible when you go “all in” on your magic (what makes you unique, special and memorable) in your small business?  And what does that even look like, when so many conform to the norm and follow the herd?   Well, today’s guest, Stephanie Scheller, a small business marketing strategist for entrepreneurs with ADHD is here to share how she does exactly that and helps others do the same. 

Stephanie is the founder and CEO of Grow Disrupt, which hosts experiential events for ADHD entrepreneurs who want to market more strategically. Stephanie goes the extra mile to create a unique learning environment, carefully selecting venues with attached gardens to help reset the learning portions of the brain. This emphasis on neuroscience also extends to customized scents, music, and coffee blends to optimize the event experience. And, as a listener to this podcast, you will be one of the first to hear a sneak peak of her new song, “Fly: An Entrepreneur’s Journey” which will be released on Oct. 6, 2023 on her YouTube channel. 


Key Takeaways: 

1️⃣ Embrace Your Unique Creativity: Don't be afraid to explore unconventional ideas and ventures that bring you joy. Allow your creativity to flow and infuse it into your business endeavors. It can lead to unexpected opportunities and fresh perspectives.

2️⃣ Reconnect with Your Magic: It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and lose sight of what makes us truly special. Take the time to reconnect with your magic; the unique qualities and strengths that set you apart. 

3️⃣ Sustainable Success: Building a successful business is not just about financial growth; it's about creating an environment where success is sustainable. Focus on the holistic growth of your business and prioritize the well-being of yourself and your team. 

Hey you already know you’re different, so why not stand out, instead of blending in?


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For the time-crunched, or impatient, here’s the TLDL version:

00:09:16 Most events are created to push sales, but Grow Disrupt  helps small business owners reconnect with their "magic" 

00:20:55 Embrace your uniqueness to stand out and attract clients.

00:23:06  Why Stephanie does not believe in well-rounded individuals.

00:33:45 ADHD: Overcompensation, Bullying, Superpower, Struggles, Responsibility         


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