Lessons From a Failed Launch

Why am I pulling back the curtain on my own failed launch (while marketing myself as a business strategist, coach, and consultant?)   And,why do it immediately after it happened?  I must admit I had a lot of reservations about both the content and the timing, but one of my core values is integrity and for me, that means telling the whole truth about solopreneurship, the cringe-worthy as well as the brag-worthy. I also knew if I didn’t share it now, I would miss the true value of sharing our failures- giving shame the middle finger. 

If you are a solopreneur, you have to become comfortable with risk and failure. You need to try things without knowing how they will turn out, ask people to hire you even if you have imposter issues, make offers before you feel ready to do so and some of your programs, products, and services will fail.  You are literally where the buck starts and stops, so getting better at dealing with failure is truly unavoidable. 

In this, my most vulnerable episode so far, I share the reasons that the recent launch of my new small group coaching program failed, what I learned from the experience, and what I am going to do next, because in business, as in theater, the show must go on! 

Highlights of this episode:

  • How to manage our expectations 
  • Using your core values as a filter for decision making 
  • Toxic productivity & trauma patterns in business 
  • Letting yourself down vs letting others down 
  • Pushing through or pulling back - is it self-sabotage or self-care?
  • My experience in a culty coaching program where the leader modeled “no failure” 
  • Is it even a failure if you pull the plug? 
  • Are launches right for you and your business? 
  • Taking control of our relationship with failure and what we make it mean

Resources mentioned in this episode:


So, maybe you haven't had a failed launch, but you may have habits in your business that cost you income, profit, and success.  I created a quiz with 6 different behaviors I often see in female solopreneurs that hold them back.  I invite you to take the quiz, and get specific feedback, guidance, and practical advice about your particular challenge and more importantly, steps you can take to fix it.   

Click on this link to take the quiz: What’s Holding You Back?   https://bit.ly/obstaclesquiz

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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  Please join us next week for another amazing guest interview with Scarlett De Bease, a personal stylist and image consultant for female solopreneurs.  

In the meantime, stay driven!  


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