Is it Time for a Social Media Sabbatical?

On this episode of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, just in time for Independence Day here in the US, I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the subject of social media sabbaticals and why you might want to consider one this summer.  Declaring your independence from social media can be a very effective way to gain clarity on your relationship with these platforms, reassess the value of your current social marketing strategy and help prevent burnout. 

By guiding listeners through a series of insightful questions, sharing the perspectives of other notable coaches and consultants and introducing a variety of options to customize a social media sabbatical to your goals, this episode is full of actionable advice. In emphasizing the importance of mental health and healthy boundaries, and reminding them of the need to treat their sabbatical like an experiment, I encourage listeners to consider the prospect of taking a break from social media that in order to focus on other important aspects of their business, self care, relationships and personal growth.  

Whether it is a one month break from all social platforms or a six month break from one platform that has become draining, straining, depleting, defeating or simply unsustainable, figuring out whether your investment of time, energy, effort and attention is worth the outcome or whether that energy might be better spent elsewhere.  I am mot the first or the only business coach or consultant to suggest that a social media sabbatical might bring multiple benefits to your business and life.  During this episode, I  share how three of the women in my network and talking about creating more balance around their relationship with social media and how they are helping others do the same.  Mentioned in this episode are: 


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TLDR  (time stamps) 

[00:01:09] Taking a social media sabbatical: options explained.

[00:06:49] Communicate sabbatical intentions, decide what is owed.

[00:11:15] Goals, exploration, feelings, time, change, analytics, burnout.

[00:13:02] Break from social media, screen time excessive.


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