Intermittent Fasting for Energy & Mental Clarity with Marisa Moon

podcast productivity Jan 12, 2021

If you struggle with inconsistent energy and brain fog, you have probably tried just about everything to get a handle on it.  One thing you may have heard about, but haven’t tried yet is Intermittent Fasting.  

I have been curious about it myself, and like many,  I feel motivated at the beginning of a new year to improve my health habits, so I invited an expert to give us the down-low on IF.  

Today we are joined by Marisa Moon, certified primal health coach, podcaster, and fellow driven woman with an ADHD brain. 


Here’s what you will hear:

  • How intermittent fasting and sleep work  together to normalize our hormones and weight 
  • What do digestive issues and a “foggy, lazy, spacey brain” with a tendency toward depression have in common? (hint: what works for the gut works for the brain…)  
  • Why intermittent fasting works better than paleo or keto for brain fog and stable energy levels
  • You can make IF work, even if you are the Queen of Instant Gratification (and it’s easier than you think!) 


Marisa Moon teaches the most flexible method of incorporating intermittent fasting into your life. Your gut, your brain, your hormones, and your weight will love you for it! 


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Today’s podcast praise comes from Rebecca Weiner who says:

“Soul Talk for Strong Women” 

The Driven Woman Podcast is amazing! Diann is insightful, relatable, and hilarious, and she makes some tough truths bearable and embraceable!


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