I Like Change

mindset Feb 01, 2021

This episode is a solo show, in which Diann talks about how she loves change and shaking things up. She tells the stories of experiences with others who will do anything to avoid changes and being questioned for loving to change up things and as being unnatural or weird, and how being unsatisfied and having the fear of stagnation made her uproot her life from L.A. to Portland.

Whether you love change or resist it, this is the perfect podcast for you as Diann tackles a controversial subject about embracing changes and evolving from them. She likes being an example of how change is part of human nature, and fear is learned.  

Our podcast review this week comes from Postnotworking who says:

So many gems and inspiration, Diann I totally listen to your podcast and I love it! You are such a pleasure to listen to and have such an amazing message so relatable and practical. I’m so glad you started this podcast, many women will benefit, I’m sure. So keep it coming, and P.S. I can listen to your voice all day.

Thank you for this review, Postnotworking. What a great compliment!

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