How to Know If You're Coachable

Welcome back Driven Woman Entrepreneur and thank you for joining me for this first solo episode of the New Year.  

The beginning of a new year tends to be a time when business owners think about hiring a coach to help them move their business forward. At such times, most people focus on the credentials and credibility of the coach they are thinking about hiring, but in this episode, I share something even more important than that, determining whether you are even coachable.  

This episode is about Coachability and how to determine if you are ready for a coach and if a coach would be beneficial for you.  In my own entrepreneurial journey, I learned that being coachable is not a set level, but changes over time and can depend on the circumstances.  

We will dive into the three categories of coachability using my system -red light, yellow light, and green light - so you can make a truly informed decision on whether to hire a coach. Want to unlock the key to a successful coaching outcome?  Find out if you are coachable now and learn how to become more coachable if you’re not. 

"Don't fall for the magical thinking that you're going to get great results simply because you hired a coach with a hefty price tag. You get the results based on coachability, goodness of fit, and taking action. "

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What is coachability and how do you know if you are coachable?
  2. What are red light, yellow light, and green light indicators to determine if someone is coachable?
  3. What are the steps to becoming more coachable?

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Chapter Summaries:


This is the very first episode of 2023. The episode is called how to know if you are coachable. Each of us varies on how coachable we are, depending on the situation. We need to have good guidelines for ourselves for who we choose to work with.


The most important thing to consider is whether you're even coachable. Don't fall for the magical thinking that you're going to get great results simply because you hired a coach with a hefty price tag. For this episode, we are going to focus on you, not your coach.


Someone who can't make decisions or makes decisions impulsively or second guesses all of their decisions endlessly. Next up, a deficiency in critical thinking and strategic thinking when it comes to business. Working with a coach, a consultant, or a strategist in your business requires some faith in the process and a willingness to be vulnerable.


A coaching relationship is a focused relationship with specific rules, roles, and responsibilities. If you can't communicate with the person you've hired, you're wasting your money and time. People whose answer to every question is, I don't know, don't hire a coach. The person who wants a guarantee is also a red light situation.


If you identified with any of these scenarios, you're not a bad person and you are not hopelessly beyond coaching. Now let's talk about yellow light scenarios. And remember, this means I need more information.


A lot of people, sadly, think they need to hire a coach because everybody else seems to be doing it. To me it comes down to permission and consent. If I'm scratching my head about whether you're coachable or not, it's probably going to be a red light.


Living in a mindful way comes down to being open, curious, and non-judgmental. Being open includes being open to examining what's working and what isn't working in your business. Curiosity makes you coachable because it means you're willing to try things.


Next up, somebody who wants to be intentional in their business and life. You don't have to be an action hero to be coachable. A willingness to see what is and isn't working. What we resist tends to persist in our business.


Diann wants you to make two lists about your coachability. You can do this on your own or with an accountability partner. You will be able to assess if you're ready to hire a coach. There are fabulous coaches out there waiting to serve you when you're coachable


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