Happiness is 50-50

mindset podcast Dec 08, 2020

When was the last time you remember being sincerely happy with what’s going on in your life? Most people have something they wanted to have or to be in their life, and also take what they do have for granted. Most of us are more focused on what we think of as unhappiness or misfortune than we are on luck and joy. 

Happiness may be vague and considered immeasurable by scientists, but what if I told you that there’s a way how you can live a peaceful and happy life without the stressors that are bugging you? Yes, that’s completely true. But don’t expect everything to be on your side because in reality, fantasizing about things doesn’t actually make us any happier or satisfied if we finally managed to get our hands on them.

Ready to dig deep and open your mind about the things that we need to accept, change, and/or improve in order to view the positive side of life?


This week’s Pod Praise is from Anika, an online brand strategist and solopreneur success coach, who had this to say about The Driven Woman:  

“I typically stream podcasts directly from my Echos in my home or from my home office - to my pleasure this morning while showering and washing my hair, I needed something a little more motivating but short so I said "Alexa, play the Driven Woman podcast" and the rest is history!! I love how short these episodes are, I don't feel like I have to commit a chunk of time of my day to get value. Very happy to find you, Diann.”

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Thanks, Anika! 

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