From Visionary to Implementer: Jancina Dyer's Identity Transformation

After a lifetime of conforming to the expectations of others and having her creative ideas dismissed because she was "just the assistant," Jancina Dyer refused to give up on her big vision and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey of self-discovery and success. 

While most leaders in the beauty industry are half her age, Jan Dyer is just getting started as the founder, owner, and CEO of the Colorado Lash Company. She is a misfit entrepreneur, driven by passion and purpose, who left a successful career in ophthalmology to pursue her dream of owning a business in the beauty industry. 

What I love most about Jan’s story is that she is a true visionary but did not believe she could execute her brilliant ideas.  She bought course after course, took program after program, and even hired more than one coach, before deciding to work with me.  Even though she had felt stuck for years, she never gave up on her big vision and in just 12 weeks, the progress she made was absolutely transformational. 


In this Client Success Story episode, we will recreate Jan’s experiences of:

  1. Transforming her identity when leaving a successful career to pursue a passion.
  2. Overcoming ageism and sexism in a female-dominated industry 
  3. Developing a strategy to turn her creative ideas into actionable plans.


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