From Limiting Beliefs to Leveling Up with Elyse Archer

This interview was a fun experiment in co-hosting with Elyse Archer, sales coach and host of the She Sells Podcast.  Elyse and I connected online and knew we wanted to interview each other on the subject of limiting beliefs, but we were experiencing some scheduling challenges until Elyse suggested that we record once, interview each other and release the finished episode on both of our podcasts.  Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks and trusting your intuition, so I said yes and this episode is the result. 

Elyse Archer was stuck at the same income level for 10 years, trying to figure out how to break through without success. After a download of inspiration, she made the decision to invest in coaching and didn't tell anyone, knowing her decision would be met with doubt and skepticism.  This 'burn the boats” approach involved putting the deposit on a credit card and having absolutely no plan B. Elyse realized that no one was coming to save her and that she was the only one who could make the changes she wanted. This kind of decision can lead to a total disaster, but in Elyse’s case, it turned out to be exactly what she needed to get out of a ten-year holding pattern and start moving forward in a dramatic and powerful way. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to achieve success and get better results with less time and effort.
  2. How to transition from playing small to stepping into the spotlight of your own life.
  3. How to transform thought patterns and break past income limitations 


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Chapter Summaries:


The pod swap had a threat of being canceled. It was either an opportunity to indulge in disappointment or shift into creative problem-solving. If we never take risks and exercise vulnerability, we're never really going to know what level of trust and self-confidence we're capable of.


My first career was in medical sales. The last five years of it were in a private practice where I mainly worked with powerful women. The type of coaching that I do really helps people who are really ready to let go of whatever is holding them back.


With the passage of time as a woman, fewer opportunities are coming your way. So I needed to bank on myself and start my own business for the first time in my early fifty s. Of course, it's scary. But you're absolutely right about reaching that point of being fed up.


Women have been culturally conditioned to be nice and to accept what's given to them. Instead of looking to others to tell us who we are, what we could be, and that it's perfectly okay to go after it and have it. You have to be willing to take full responsibility for doing that yourself.


When Elyse made the decision to stop playing small, she told no one. Within six weeks, her income was ten X, and it has continued to grow from there. How did you safeguard that dream from being watered down by other people's doubts?


I use humor to lighten it up and to offset some of the heaviness of it because even helping people do that work can feel heavy to me. To me, that's a superpower when you can confront painful realities in your life or the life of someone you're working with with affection and respect.


Elyse, you were stuck at an income plateau for ten years. A coaching program helped open your mind to the possibilities for you. What do you think were the most surprising and unexpected things that you learned in that program?


A lot of women hold themselves back because of fear of envy and what I call ambition shaming, I would love to hear your thoughts about that. I've learned to be very careful about who I share with.


In order to stand out, you have to take up some space, own who you are, and accept who you're not. She says one of the biggest. Ups in her life is letting go of people. Having a curated circle is important to maintaining your new identity.


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