Freedom from Overwhelm with Kate Moryoussef

podcast selfcare Dec 29, 2020

Our Podcast Praise review this week comes from JulesM98: 

“This podcast is NO BS!!! Having ADHD myself, I find myself searching for resources nonstop. Sometimes, I even get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I find myself continuing to come back to Diann’s podcasts because she keeps them short, informational, and NOT BORING! She gets the message across and right to the point for the ADHD overwhelmed brain. It always helps because she has been in mental health for a long time and she is an EXPERT at this, especially having ADHD herself, as she mentions. Thank you so much, keep the podcasts coming! You inspire me.”   

Thanks, Jules! 


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Did you notice that our podcast reviewer mentions the word “overwhelmed” TWICE?   That’s because women with ADHD often feel overwhelmed, and this year has been much more overwhelming than usual.  So, I decided to invite my new friend, Kate Moryoussef, who is an EFT Coach,  host of the Ambitious Mum Podcast, and a fellow entrepreneur with ADHD.  Kate is just beginning to speak openly about her own ADHD diagnosis with family, friends, coaching clients, and podcast audience.  


Kate specializes in helping busy mothers (Mum’s in the UK, where she lives) deal with the pressure to live up to cultural and personal expectations to do all the things, which include running a business, serving her clients, hosting a weekly podcast and blog, plus caring for her family.  As a woman with unidentified ADHD, Kate was struggling and didn’t understand why, but her life changed completely about ten years ago when her therapist suggested that she might have ADHD and shared EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique with her.  


Also known as ‘tapping’, EFT is a technique that facilitates healing and personal growth by combining cognitive reprogramming with stimulation of the same points on the energy meridians that are used in acupuncture and does so without the use of needles.


It might sound weird (and I must admit it looks weird until you get used to it) but I have also been trained in EFT and find it to be a great tool for overcoming overwhelm.  And who doesn’t need all the help they can get in that department, especially now?  


Here is a sneak peek at our convo: 


  • The science behind Emotional Freedom Technique and how it combines cognitive therapy, acupuncture, and storytelling 


  • How Kate uses the combination of her own intuition and EFT to help her clients find freedom from overwhelm 


  • Why EFT works well for trauma - both capital T and small T 


  • How Kate uses tapping with her kids, her pets, and even remote tapping! 


  • Kate’s take on forgiveness as a path to freedom from pain and suffering 


  • Working collaboratively with an open-minded psychiatrist in his practice 


How to connect with Kate: 




Email: [email protected]


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