F*ck Fearless & Choose Bravery with Heather Vickery


If you haven’t heard my cringe-worthy story of how I spent two years thinking about starting this podcast before I finally pulled the trigger, you can go listen to my One Year Podversary episode to hear all the embarrassing details.  During that two-year period of overthinking and creative procrastination, I even flew from LA to Orlando to attend the Podcast Movement Conference, thinking that would inspire me to get off the fence.  

It did not, but it did help me take the first step to connect with today’s guest, Heather Vickery. Heather is a leadership and success coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, podcaster, and author.  I found a card promoting Heather’s podcast, The Brave Files.  I picked it up and saved it because I liked the message and branding.  Eventually, I met the fabulous Annie P. Ruggles, who was our guest on episode # 86, and she introduced us.  The world of female podcasters is a fabulous network of generous and supportive people. 

Heather spoke at She Podcasts Live this year, so we got a chance to meet IRL before recording interviews for our respective podcasts and the timing of this one was just a few weeks after Heather published her best-selling book, F*ck Fearless: Making the Brave Leap.  We talk about the 5 step framework that Heather uses in her coaching programs and outlines in detail in the book, complete with exercises,  examples from clients she’s worked with and people she’s interviewed on her podcast The Brave Files, and plenty of stories from her own life experiences. 

In this fun convo, Heather 

  • Challenges me to join her in recording and posting a video a day for the month of December (we recorded the interview in November) 
  • Calls me out on my belief that as part of nature we are either in a phase of growth or a phase of decay 
  • Mic Drop Moment: “Fearless is for sociopaths and 3-year-olds.”
  • Heather’s framework (hint, it spells out the word B-R-A-V-E) 


If you’d like to connect with Heather Vickery after listening to this interview, here are a few options: 

Get the book:  https://vickeryandco.com/course/fck-fearless-making-the-brave-leap/

Join her free Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BraveOnPurpose/

The Brave Files: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-brave-files/id1370255228

Was it Chance?: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/was-it-chance/id1597327877


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