Embracing Evolution: Recognizing When it's Time for a Small Business Makeover

From changing their business models and marketing strategies to even considering starting over with a completely new venture, small business owners are feeling the need for change. But whether it’s a pivot, rebrand or a total do-over, are these changes even the right move? 

I'll be exploring the motivations behind these decisions and discussing the importance of a more thorough evaluation before taking the leap. We'll also be addressing the unrealistic expectations that can often cloud our judgment and lead us astray. Join me as we navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and discover when and why it's time to make a change in our small business. 

This episode will cover a range of topics, including recognizing signs for change, understanding pitfalls, exploring personal reasons for change, avoiding impulsive choices, considering alternatives, reflecting on past decisions, addressing mindset and skillset, overcoming burnout, adapting to external factors, letting go of what weighs you down, examples of business pivots, strategic business exits, questions to consider, seeking help, and finding fulfillment beyond business.


Mic Drop Moment: 

"We may be looking to our business not only to create financial stability but to give us a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose, to be a warehouse for our creativity, a social life, to give us a sense of belonging, community, and family. Your business should not be expected to do all those things for you and for you not to have to give it anything in return."


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TLDL (time stamps) 

00:01:27 Unrealistic expectations and bad advice plague entrepreneurs.

00:06:38 Business can't fulfill all our needs. 

00:22:37 Establish business foundations for sustainability before scalability. 

00:27:57 Question your desires, seek change and growth.

00:32:15 Strategically exit, rebrand, or pivot your business.


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