Driven by Purpose with Kyra Mitchell-Lewis


My special guest today is Kyra Mitchell Lewis, who started Glow Up, Gyrl, an online membership community for women who are looking for balance and purpose in their lives, and Glow Getter University, with tracks for personal evolution and entrepreneurship.  There’s a link to a free account if you scroll down in the show notes. 

If you have been listening to The Driven Woman Podcast for a while, you have heard me say that any woman can be an entrepreneur if she really wants to, and Kyra possesses many of the traits I believe entrepreneurs must have in order to be successful in the crazy world of online business.  As you listen to this interview, you will readily see that her mindset is her biggest asset.  Nothing is going to stop her, discourage her or slow her roll.  She is probably one of the most positive, optimistic, and resilient women I have met since starting this podcast. 

We did two back-to-back recordings, for The Driven Woman and Kyra’s podcast, Glow Up, Gyrl, and had several tech challenges that interrupted the recording experience.  Instead of getting frustrated or angry, each time we had to stop and start over, Kyra just laughed and picked right back up again.  

Key takeaways: 

  • Why Kyra started Glow Up, Gyrl & who she serves
  • The difference between Kyra and her husband as entrepreneurs 
  • How she leads from an attitude of gratitude 


When I connect with another female entrepreneur who is as driven, hardworking, and generous as Kyra Mitchell Lewis, I am eager to partner with her again, which is why I said YES to Kyra’s invitation to speak at her online summit on Thursday, October 28th. Whether you are an entrepreneur or just want to evolve to the next version of yourself,  this summit is a must. The price point is very accessible,  and the lineup of speakers includes confidence, mindset, success, and business coaches, including me!  Here is the link to register:


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