Don't be an Advice ATM

boundaries Mar 01, 2021

Are you someone who has always been asked for advice? In this week’s solo episode, I tackled the issue of setting boundaries around when to actually give it. Many people will ask for your advice but they do not really need it, they just need someone to listen to them, so you can be empathic and let them know you want to support them, and that’s it.  No need to give advice that you know they will never follow anyway.  

I used to dispense advice like an ATM, but I no longer believe I'm helping anyone by telling them what to do. Instead, I point out their strengths. I encourage them to think for themselves. I reflect evidence back to them that they are far more capable than they are giving themselves credit for at the moment. 

At the end of the day, we need to accept the fact that we cannot help anybody by solving their problems.  

Our Pod Praise (podcast review) this week comes from Christian R. Ward, a fellow podcaster, host of The Interesting Humans podcast:

Not just for women;

I know I am among a minority of men who regularly listen to Diann. But as a curious man, I have to know what the other side thinks, LOL. Diann’s command of and ability to zero in on important personal challenges makes her podcast worthwhile. I’ve interviewed Diann and knowing even more of her story makes her podcast even more valuable to me. Erudite and to the point, I enjoy Diann’s dissection of problems and diagnosis make The Driven Woman a great place to listen, girl or guy.

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