Designing a Membership Program That Fits Your Business and Clients with Lisa Princic

On this episode of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, we dive deep into the value of membership models for business owners who have reached capacity with one-on-one work or want to scale and don’t want to run a group coaching program. Our guest, Lisa Princic, shares her insights into the flexibility of membership programs, which she has been specializing in helping coaches and consultants launch and grow for several years. We also discuss the key pillars for a successful membership program, including mentorship, education, and community, and how to align these with your pricing and value offerings.  

Lisa and I are both analytical and didn’t hold anything back in this discussion, including talking about potential pitfalls and considerations when choosing a membership model, as not all models work for every business or audience. They delve into specifics like who the membership model is suited for, pricing, and promotion, but first, they discuss the speaker's journeys in choosing a membership model for their business.  We even talk about why some popular membership programs ended up closing and why. 

During our conversation, I share some of the misconceptions I had about the membership model and how learning from Lisa helped me to see the value in the different types of membership structures that can appeal to different people. Tune in for a thoughtful and informative discussion on how to create a membership program that aligns with your values and unique abilities, while delivering scalable value to your clients.  


Bonus: To hear me get coached by Lisa on whether I should consider adding a membership to my business, check out our interview on Lisa’s podcast,  Scaling Deep by clicking here:


Lisa Princic is a business owner with a passion for growth and human development. She believes that humans are naturally driven to push themselves and make a greater impact, while still maintaining their values and connections to others. Lisa's podcast and business are both named "scaling deep" as a nod to the balance between personal growth and staying true to oneself, which has been well-received by those who appreciate a more relational approach to business.


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[00:04:13] "The Benefits of a Versatile Membership Program"

[00:08:53] "Membership Model: Choose Your Own Adventure"

[00:19:30] "Creating a Successful Membership: Framework and Platform"

[00:25:04] "Membership Misconceptions"

[00:33:16] "Values-based Membership: Deep Work Pays Off"

[00:36:14] "Revolutionizing Memberships: A New Scalable Approach"


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