Cut Your To Do List in Half

Whether you're a solopreneur or small business owner, we all tend to have a never ending to-do list that can leave us feeling overworked and overwhelmed. In this episode, I highlight the necessity of being aware of one's limitations and prioritizing high-quality tasks, especially as a creative problem solver.  I also cover the importance of integrating novelty into business strategies without disrupting oneself, and understanding one's motivations and genuine capabilities. It’s time to let go of tasks that do not contribute to meaningful progress and cut your to-do list in half, while staying aligned with your core values. 

Here's what you will hear:

💡 Discover the true drivers behind your actions and avoid burnout 🚫

💥 Learn how to make decisions that truly move your business forward. 📈

🌟 Leverage the power of aligning your core values with your business decisions 

🔑 Assess your energetic bandwidth to create priorities and boundaries. ⏰

🗝️ Let go of tasks that don't contribute to your success & say YES to what truly matters.


Mic Drop Moment

"They hustle their way to burn out because they either don't know what their energetic bandwidth is or they are simply not making decisions that respect it and take it into account."  Diann Wingert 

Tools I use and Concepts I share in this episode: The Eisenhower Matrix, Core Values Exercise, The Four Tendencies, Know Your Drivers andThe Default Yes 


Want to work with me, but don’t want (or need) a long term commitment? 

Most service businesses based on client work are slower during the summer, so it’s a perfect time to focus on trimming your To Do List.  Summer is also a great time to schedule a VIP Day or 4 week intensive with me!  Choose Your Own Adventure, whether it’s a Strategy Date, an Accountability Date or a Brainstorm to Breakthrough intensive, you will be amazed at fast we can move the needle in your business with focus & action!  Click here for more info and here to schedule a free consultation to see which adventure has YOUR name all over it! 


TLDL (time stamps) 

00:03:18 Interest, challenge, novelty and urgency  - know your drivers

00:11:30 Don't solve other people's problems; prioritize yourself.

00:14:50 "Time optimism leads to an overfilled list."

00:20:54 "To achieve high-level goals, know your core values."

00:24:43 Hustle culture, burn out, energy bandwidth


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