The Boundaries Series: Creating Consistent Client Outcomes


Today’s solo episode tackles the problem of saying “yes” to clients you probably should say “no” to and why, and how to both create predictable outcomes and avoid both negative ones and surprises.   Creating a specific way of working with people and sticking to it, instead of trying to help everyone you think you should, or believe you can spare you countless heartaches. 

The truth is that you really can’t help everybody.  None of us can.  Your personal values may include being flexible, adaptable, and accommodating, but this can get you into some real hot water in your business. This is not a matter of experience or expertise, or how long you’ve been in the business, it’s about the slippery slope of unmet expectations and human nature. 

This episode is the first in The Boundaries Series, where we will be exploring a number of things that we do that limit our success because we have weak-ass boundaries and don’t even know it.   Spoiler alert:  the way I look at and talk about boundaries is guaranteed to open your eyes to all kinds of things you probably aren’t even thinking about, in addition to the boundary nonsenses you already know you’re dealing with.  

Here is a quick overview of what we are going to cover in today’s solo episode: 

  • The Default Yes is a major blindspot we can’t afford to keep ignoring 
  • Pink Flags to look for when deciding who to work with 
  • A Signature System helps you create predictably good outcomes  
  • How to improve your practices to ensure satisfied clients 

Mentioned in this episode:

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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  See you next week, when Dr. Amanda Barrientez, Founder and CEO of NFA (No Fucking Around) Money is going to be my guest.  Dr. Amanda went from food stamps to 6 figures and loves helping emerging entrepreneurs with their money mindset.  I was a guest on her NFA Money Talks Livestream  (check it out on YouTube) and can’t wait to share her with you next week.  


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