Client Success Story with Coach Pam Peterson

I just love inviting someone I have worked with to join me on the podcast for a Client Success Story episode.   As you will hear in the preview to this one,  I do not interview my clients during or immediately after we have completed my 12 week coaching program, when the bond is strong and they are flying high on how much we have accomplished together.  

I wait a few months, because I am not interested in only helping my clients during the time they are actively working with me.  My goal is to set them up for the kind of success that lasts,  and that they can maintain on their own.  

In this convo, you will meet my client Pam Peterson, who is a health and wellness coach, specializing in working with women with chronic pain in a mind-body-brain framework.  Pam has a masters degree, a bunch of certifications and has learned what actually works for chronic pain, because she has been living with it for years.  

Pam and I talk about:  

  • How much she accomplished during our three months together
  • The mindset shifts she made and sustained 
  • The challenges she experienced and how we overcame them 
  • Why I am not the easiest coach to work with, but just right for her
  • How she has been able to maintain her momentum after working with me 


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Pam knew what was standing in her way before hiring me, but but most of us just know we aren’t making progress without being clear about why. If there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, take my quiz and get your personalized result, and what to do about it! 

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