Client Success Story: Meet Tanya

One of my favorite things about Client Success Story episodes is that I get to reconnect with some of my favorite people.  Today we are joined by Tanya, a project manager, wife and mom who had already burned out once and was on the fast track to a second round.  When she first decided to work with me, after hearing me being interviewed on a podcast, Tanya was feeling overwhelmed, defeated by her own mindset and had lost confidence in her ability to manage her responsibilities at work and at home.  

Tanya made some really significant changes during our work together, including:

  • Learned to say no, set limits and boundaries
  • Embraced radical self acceptance, and let go of apology, guilt & shame
  • Prioritized self care & work/family balance 
  • More respect from both family & peers
  • Eliminated her need for anxiety medication 
  • She now refers to herself as Tanya 2.0! 


Mentioned during this interview:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, PhD (book) 

Inside Out by Disney (movie) 

Trello (my project management system)

Eisenhower Matrix  (one of the productivity tools I use and recommend) 


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