Client Success Story: Meet Kris

This week’s Client Success Story episode features Kris Zarnoch who is a podcast editor and producer, wife, and mom of a special needs son. Kris hired me to help her with productivity challenges related to being a creative freelancer, who was working from home, during the pandemic.  She struggled with setting boundaries and establishing the value of her work.


During our work together, Kris learned how to say no & leverage her time by:

  • Hitting the pause button before answering when asked for help
  • Knowing you can revoke your ‘yes’ at any time
  • Boundaries are the ultimate self-care 
  • It’s OK to disappoint others so you don’t have to keep disappointing yourself 
  • No is a complete sentence, you don’t need to explain or apologize 
  • It’s better to do less and give people your full attention 
  • Better boundaries = a better business 

And was able to be more assertive in offering her services by:

  • Establish what makes you & your service unique 
  • Share your offer without compromise or apology
  • Connect with those who place a high value on your offer
  • Optimize and leverage your time to focus on revenue-generating tasks 
  • Don’t confuse your value with your worth (one may be negotiable, the other never is)


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