Client Success Story: Meet Jen

podcast Dec 01, 2020

This episode is our first Client Success Story, featuring my client Jen DiNardi, OTD who has a doctorate in Occupational Therapy, and specializes in pediatrics. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is occupational therapy and what kinds of things she helps her patients with
  • Why she pursued such a demanding academic goal (hint, it has something to do with proving something to herself…) 
  • How Jen always knew she was different but was only diagnosed with ADHD in the last year of her doctoral program. 

During our work together, Jen gained some transformational insights about herself:

  • How pretending she wasn’t struggling lead to a lifetime of anxiety, perfectionism, imposter complex, fear, and hiding. 
  • She is highly sensitive and ignored this for years,  causing her to feel strained and drained
  • Jen was caught in the empathy trap and had trouble setting limits and boundaries at work, so she had no energy for a personal life 

And made some practical changes in her life that moved the needle:

  • Habit stacking: Now she never forgets to take her meds
  • Morning Routine:  She eliminated decision fatigue by exercising in the morning 
  • Energy Management: What working virtually taught her about self-acceptance


Thank you, Jen DiNardi, OTD for sharing your story!  


Ways to connect with Dr. Jen, 



Email: [email protected]


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