Business Challenges of The Highly Creative

Struggling with a super-creative brain and feeling guilty about not taking action on your brilliant ideas? This episode will teach you what you need to do to balance creativity with consistency, spontaneity with structure, and brilliance with bandwidth, so you can finally put your genius ideas into action in your business and life.

In this episode, you will learn  to:

  • Master the art of juggling creativity & consistency to produce more creative output
  • Break free from idea paralysis & take meaningful steps to follow through with confidence
  • Overcome the trap of perfectionism and embrace continuous growth & development.
  • Connect with & learn from like-minded individuals to enhance your creative journey.
  • Achieve balance between autonomy and accountability to ensure business success.


Mic Drop Moment: 

"The people who move the needle in their business are not the ones with the perfect ideas. They are the ones who will take a good enough idea and put it in front of people, risking rejection, risking failure, but willing to get feedback  Stop overthinking, stop second-guessing, start taking action, and let the market decide."  Diann Wingert 


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Even though this is a shorter-than-usual episode, for the scanners, here are some time stamps: 

00:00:05 - Balancing Creativity and Consistency

00:03:14 - Recognizing Value in Your Ideas

00:10:40 - Taking Action on Your Ideas

00:15:33 - Overcoming Perfectionism

00:18:27 - Don't Hold Back Your Best Ideas

00:19:32 - Why You Should Share Your Art Now

00:20:34 - The Importance of Having a Coach

00:21:34 - Finding the Just Right Approach


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