Breaking the Box for Married Female Entrepreneurs with Naketa Thigpen

My guest today, Naketa Thigpen, and I have so much in common that this interview is actually our third or fourth conversation since we were introduced. We both have a background as licensed clinical social workers, we both have a childhood trauma history and we share very similar views about women and ambition, the patriarchy, and being a bit too out of the box to ever fit in.   

Naketa’s book, Selfish is currently on my bedside table, and her podcast, Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business is in my earholes on a weekly basis.  We quickly discovered that we can literally talk for hours unless one of us calls it quits and I honestly feel like we have been friends for years, not weeks. 

The number of female entrepreneurs continues to rise, but there really aren’t too many people talking about women and ambition, giving ourselves permission to want, do and have more or the impact of entrepreneurship on marriage.  These intersections are where Naketa is making her mark and creating her thought leader legacy.  Join us for this wide-ranging conversation about being bold, creating joy, and balancing a romantic partnership with a growing business.  

In this interview, Naketa breaks down and explains the GIFT method she created to invite ambitious married entrepreneurs into a new way of looking at themselves and their life and work style:

  • Gratitude
  • Imagination
  • Forgiveness
  • Taking Action 

We talk about where drive and ambition come from, the difference between being creative and being an entrepreneur, where the concept of selfishness comes from, and how Naketa has redefined it for herself and the community of married female entrepreneurs she serves.  I share a story about how the word selfish impacted me when I chose to end my previous marriage and how I think of selfishness now.  Naketa has a unique perspective on gratitude and why it has to be the real deal, not pretending to be grateful as an excuse for not pursuing our deepest dreams.


Mic Drop Moment:  “Soft skills are powerful. They ARE the power skills.” 

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