The Boundaries Series: Obligation Management

This episode is the second in The Boundaries Series, where we are unpacking the challenge of doing things we don’t really want to be doing, and for all the wrong reasons. Warning: If you have not already heard that I have fully embraced the feedback that one of my favorite clients by calling me “The Speaker of Uncomfortable Truths.”

In my work with female solopreneurs, I often hear about situations my clients are involved in but wish they weren’t.  Sometimes, the situation involves a team member or a client, but it can also be with someone they collaborate with.  The underlying issue is related to boundaries and specifically how we deal with feeling obligated, based on the principle of reciprocity.  

The bottom line is that each of us has limits when it comes to our capacity and if we are spending time, energy, effort, and dollars doing things out of a sense of obligation, rather than choice,  we will feel strained and drained, not to mention resentful.  If you are a creative or a healer,  in particular, this will drag you toward burnout and possibly clinical depression.  Time management is important, energy management is important, but obligation management is necessary, so let’s get to it. 

Here is a quick overview of what we are going to cover in today’s solo episode: 

  • Why resentment is the emotion we need to pay attention to in business
  • The connection between bandwidth, boundaries, and burnout 
  • Reciprocity is the exchange of mutual benefit.  Learn to measure the mutual part. 
  • Know why you are saying yes to the things you are saying yes to 
  • Lessons from Buddhism that help me deal with difficult people 

Shout outs  in this episode:


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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  See you next week, when Abby Herman, Content Strategist and host of The Content Experiment is going to be my guest.   I first came across Abby’s work over a year ago, but we did not connect until we both joined a co-op for podcasters, called Podwize.   She is going to share her system for breaking down the customer journey into just six steps, so we can create content for every step of the way with ease.  See you then! 


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