The Boundaries Series: Boundaries as Self Care

This is the fourth and last episode in The Boundaries Series, and this one is called “Boundaries as Self Care”  Many solopreneurs were superstars in their former jobs and many of us came to self-employment with ingrained habits of overworking including taking work home, skipping vacations, and even going to work when we were sick, instead of taking our company PTO. 

Women are not conditioned to put their needs first, so when we become solopreneurs, we often end up over extended, overworking, and overwhelmed between the needs of our families and the needs of our business. In this episode, we are going to talk about boundaries as self-care.  Here is some of what you will hear in this episode: 

  • Boundaries start with self-awareness and self acceptance
  • Habits we developed in the corporate world that set us up for burnout 
  • You are your own Human Resources Department
  • Why you can’t succeed with advice from celebrity coaches & online gurus
  • Entrepreneurs and mental health challenges 

If you are your own boss, be a good boss to yourself and structure your business with boundaries and self-care in mind.  Not only will you reduce the risk of burnout, but you will also be a more successful and satisfied business owner.  Unless burnout is part of your business plan, we need to make self-care a priority. 

Things to consider in establishing your self-care boundaries:

  • Workdays & hours
  • Time off for vacations, holidays, conferences 
  • Deadlines & turn around time 
  • Size of team & communication styles
  • Revenue goals, price point, and profit margin 

I encourage you to listen to EP #95: Creating Consistent Client Outcomes, EP #97 Obligation Management, and EP #99 The Distraction-Free Business.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself talking back to my tough-love approach in these Boundaries Series episodes.  I had to learn these lessons the hard way myself and they do tend to need some repetition to take hold. 

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