Becoming Unstoppable with Amira Alvarez


In this fascinating interview, I talk with my guest Amira Alvarez, founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, speaker, podcaster, and leadership coach about some of the topics so many women steer clear of.  But we don’t shy away from the tough stuff here on The Driven Woman Podcast, so Amira and I do a deep dive into the shadow side of being driven and ambitious. The shadow side is what ruins our health, our relationships, and often, the business we are trying so damn hard to grow and scale. 

Amira speaks in a clear and unapologetic way on the painful truths about striving for success and how we can unknowingly prevent ourselves from actually achieving it. It has been said that becoming an entrepreneur is the ultimate personal growth experience and I can’t agree more.  In this fast-paced convo,  Amira shares some of her wake up calls and rude awakenings: 

  • The hamster wheel of drive and ambition = never enough
  • When she realized she was addicted to the struggle 
  • “I didn’t die by doing it differently”

 If you have ever asked yourself what you are doing wrong, why you aren’t making bank, when you are going to reach the entrepreneurial promised land, this convo will be one of your favorites on this podcast.   Women of influence and that includes those of us who podcast need to be more honest about the not-so-glamorous side of entrepreneurship and that is why I am proud to share this revealing conversation with you. 

 This Episode’s Mic Drop Moment:

“Getting sick was my stopping strategy” (Amira Alvarez) 


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