Becoming Confident on Video with Helen Polise

Whether we are talking about YouTube, Instagram Reels, or TikTok, showing up online increasingly relies on being on video.  You can still reach people with your words via blogging, or your voice, via podcasting, but when you add video to the mix, you 10x the connection your audience feels with you, turbo-charging the process of converting casual observer into a devoted follower and potential client.  So, why aren’t all of us jumping on the video bandwagon?  The top three obstacles are technology, bandwidth, and confidence, and I am pretty damn sure that confidence (or lack of it) is the biggest hurdle.  I am reading a book called The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman and the more I learn about this topic, the more I am determined to do something about it, in my own life and in the lives of women in my circle. 

Helen Polise is my inspiration and today’s guest on the podcast.  A successful producer of TV commercials for the past three decades, Helen knows her way around a camera and how to attract and engage an audience.  When the Covid pandemic put her producing career on hold, she discovered TikTok and quickly went from consumer to creator to teacher.  Helen is not only a natural teacher, she is a relentlessly positive, upbeat, and optimistic human and a grown-ass woman, not a Gen Z ‘influencer.”  I started following her, bought her course, and signed up for her free teaching platform, Socialize, which is geared towards making social media accessible for the over-50 crowd.  

I also had a not-so-hidden agenda for this interview.  I know the power of accountability to help me end my tendency to procrastinate and start taking action.  If you listen all the way to the end,  you’ll see how and you’ll also see exactly why I can’t say enough about Helen Polise.  If you are trying to get yourself to start using video to share your message, promote your business or simply improve your ability to face the camera with confidence,  Helen will change your life.  I highly recommend her TikTok confidence course which some of my clients have used to get started on video, and are achieving great results.  When you hear what has been going on in Helen’s life and how this interview almost didn’t happen, you are going to become as big a fan of hers as I am. 

The Tik Tok Teacher's Tips for Video Confidence

  • find your passion
  • share your authentic self
  • put yourself out there consistently
  • embrace life fully, even the "bad stuff"
  • it's okay to make mistakes
  • remember to support your community


Mic Drop Moment:   “You will find YOUR friend group by being you.” 


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