Balancing Passion & Profit with Heather Zeitzwolfe


Many of us start out with one goal in mind - creating a business around something we are passionate about.  In fact “Follow your passion and build a business you love” is probably the most popular headline for a huge number of online business coaches nowadays.  It’s a very seductive promise and a glamorous fantasy, but it is simply not enough to keep your business boat afloat. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, passion is important, and maybe even necessary, especially in the beginning when you are scared shitless and have no clue, but unless you also keep your eye on the bottom line and balance your passion with profit, your business just might sink instead of sail.  That’s why I invited my Portland pal and host of the Get the Balance Right Podcast, Heather Zeitzwolfe to chat with me today.  

Heather is a certified public accountant, financial coach, and profit advisor who works with creative entrepreneurs and small agencies.  We both have a sweet spot for first-time female entrepreneurs in their 50s because of our own personal histories.  Her website lists her attributes as Rebel, Nerd, Activist, Entrepreneur, Goofball, Cult Film Afficianado, Vegan, and when I saw her name on the list of attendees for the She Podcasts Live conference I attended in October, I was determined to meet her. 

What you can look forward to hearing in this episode: 

  • Heather’s non-traditional path to becoming a CPA in her 40s & starting her first business in her 50s
  • Why she works with creative solopreneurs and small agencies 
  • Our lively discussion on money blocks and why so many women have them 
  • How she makes it safe for her clients to be honest about their numbers, dispelling  money shame 

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