Authentic Networking with Juliet Peay


Today’s guest, Juliet Peay, who recorded our interview on her 28th birthday, is one of those people who have really good instincts and trusts herself enough to follow them.  She decided a few months ago that corporate life was not for her and took a leap into entrepreneurship.  She had no connections, no referrals sources, and no portfolio and instead of venturing into journalism where she at least had a degree, she followed her intuition to copywriting for online coaches, helpers, and healers.  

Even though she is at the very beginning of her entrepreneurial journey,  she is already making really good choices and setting herself apart from the masses.  I predict this driven woman is destined for success and I’m thrilled to share her with you. 

 Highlights from today’s podcast interview:

  • Juliet’s strategy for marathon networking on LinkedIn
  • Trusting your gut, instead of following the crowd
  • Unconventional offers that set you apart
  • Why vanity metrics don’t impress her
  • How to network as an introvert who takes initiative 

Apologies for all the mutual fangirling in this interview, but Juliet is the real deal and I couldn’t wait to share her with you! 


Where to find Juliet Peay online:


Juliet’s Signature Program:  Killer Copy Week 

Her online workshop: Write Your Website 

Juliet’s book recommendation:  Reinventing You by Dorie Clark 


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