Are You Intimidating?

confidence podcast Jan 05, 2021

This episode is a solo show, in which Diann shares her history of being told she is intimidating and what she made it mean. She now believes that if you're a female entrepreneur, whether you own a small business, a private practice, a brick and mortar retail store, a coaching empire, or a virtual consultancy, sooner or later, you will be told in one way, shape or form that you are intimidating.

The label might sound a little different and the feedback might be packaged as well-meaning advice, but whenever a woman goes her own way, instead of following conventional norms, feathers will be ruffled among the rest of the flock. It's a fact of life that most humans prefer to stick with the herd.

If you have ever been called intimidating, threatening, or told you are too intense, too passionate, too driven, or simply ‘too much’, and want to learn how you can avoid letting these labels hold you back, this episode is for you. 


Our Pod Praise (podcast review) this week:  

Be driven without driving yourself crazy!

“As a driven woman who sometimes takes a wrong turn, I appreciate Diann's ability to see through the fluff and distractions to get to the heart of the matter. Thanks, Diann”

Thank you for this review, SDPSDavis.  You made me laugh out loud!


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Book: “Husbands Who Won’t Lead & Wives Who Won’t Follow” by James Walker (2000)  For the record, I do not recommend this book. 


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