Why Imagination, Originality, and Critical Thinking Still Matter in the Age of AI

Are you wondering if generative AI like ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize content creation for business owners,  making it both easier and more effective to create and share your content online?  


Well, here’s my opinion. These tools, at the present time, do offer assistance in content creation, and it's important to recognize that they also lack the human touch and can only provide limited support. I share my personal experiences with these tools, highlighting their role in increasing efficiency and saving time in my business in a recent episode of my podcast.  In it, I emphasize that I need to edit, and personalize all of the content generated by AI, as it often requires further refinement to align with my unique voice and style.


Another suggestion is the necessity of having realistic expectations when it comes to utilizing AI tools. While they can be beneficial for repurposing and expanding content, it's crucial to understand that AI is merely a tool and not a magical solution. I encourage content creators to reflect on their reasons for wanting to use generative AI and to have a solid answer before jumping on the bandwagon,  especially if you have a tendency to leap at every shiny object that promises to make your business easier.  Here are some areas I think a small business owner using content marketing and considering adopting ChatGPT/ generative AI. 


Human Qualities vs. AI Efficiency:

As female entrepreneurs, we possess unique qualities that differentiate us from one another, and from AI. Our ability to imagine, think critically, and find creative solutions is unparalleled. While AI can assist in content creation, it lacks the inherent traits that make content truly engaging and captivating, our creative self-expression. We, as humans, can adapt and be flexible, allowing us to pivot and adjust strategies according to the needs of our business.


AI as a Time-Saver:

I have personal experience with various AI tools such as Capsho, Castmagic, ChatGPT, and the Fathom note-taking app. These tools have helped streamline my processes and save time, allowing me to focus on the essence of content creation. However, it's important to note that even with the help of AI, I still need to review, revise, personalize, and edit the content generated. 


Realistic Expectations:

Before embracing generative AI, we must set realistic expectations. AI tools are not a magic solution that completely replaces human input. They are merely tools to aid us. Additionally, when using free platforms or tools, it is essential to thoroughly research and understand their purpose. Don't blindly rely on free offerings without considering the potential drawbacks and where the tool may take your business. Nothing is truly free, so take the time to educate yourself about what you are giving up, in exchange for this “free” tool.” 


Beware of Repetitiveness and Lack of Originality:

Generative AI platforms, like ChatGPT, have gained popularity for their ability to create marketing content “like magic.” However, as I point out, these platforms often produce repetitive content lacking originality,  overly using cliché words and phrases that won't help your podcast or business stand out in the marketing industry. It's vital to avoid falling into the trap of using generic, formulaic content, which waters down your brand and impact. 


Finding the Right Balance:

I have been an early adopter of Capsho, a podcast copywriter powered by AI. The concept of generating multiple pieces of content from a single podcast episode intrigued me. However, I acknowledge that generative AI can only go so far, likening it to "Hamburger Helper" - a tool to enhance the main dish rather than replace it entirely. The key to success in business lies in strategy consistency and focusing on what aligns with your strengths and target customers.


Understanding AI Technology:

While AI tools like ChatGPT and note-taking AI, such as Fathom, can streamline business processes, they are not the ultimate solution. Before adopting new technology, it's crucial to assess whether you are a risk-taker or a shiny object seeker. Consider the opportunity cost and the guaranteed return on investment (ROI) when deciding on AI usage.


Cautious Optimism and Embracing New Tools:

I remain cautiously optimistic about AI's potential, recognizing that it can save time and leverage my energy to connect with more people. However, I stress the importance of exploring other alternatives and not relying solely on AI for business growth. Embrace new tools and techniques that complement your business but also consider alternative ways to move the needle.


The Controversy Surrounding AI:

I acknowledge the concerns raised by authors, copywriters, and technical writers regarding AI potentially replacing their jobs. Some perceive generative AI tools as a threat to humanity itself. However, similar features like chatbots and grammar-checking tools like Grammarly are already widely used. Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT are not the ultimate solution for all writing needs, but rather, they serve a specific purpose.


Combatting Boredom and Fear of Missing Out:

Boredom and the fear of missing out can be major drivers in our constant search for new platforms and technologies. I warn against falling into the trap of constantly seeking stimulation, which can be a significant time-waster. A mindful approach to managing these drivers is key. Let's embrace new tools and techniques that actually help us grow our businesses while ensuring we remain in control of our unique strengths and creative output.


Feel free to use the voice message widget on my website or send me an email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’d like to hear the full episode on The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, you can do that here: https://bit.ly/thedrivenwomanpodcast


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