Mastering Engagement: Why Choosing the Right Platform Is Critical for Membership Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, the traditional membership model is being redefined to cater to the needs of driven women entrepreneurs. In this blog post, I will be sharing insights from my recent interview on The Driven Woman Entrepreneur podcast, with guest Lisa Princic, membership specialist and host of the Scaling Deep Podcast.  Lisa challenges the common misconception that memberships are solely for beginners or businesses centered around community-building. Instead, she delves into how memberships can be tailored to suit different levels of service, including mentorship-focused, content-focused, and community-focused models. By understanding the unique needs and desires of their audience, entrepreneurs can unlock the power of membership programs to create lasting value and transformation.  Here are the actionable highlights of our conversation. 

Redefining the Membership Model: Expanding Possibilities:

Lisa Princic challenges the prevailing notion that memberships are exclusively for beginners or community-focused businesses. Through her expertise, she reveals that membership models can be adaptable and versatile, meeting the diverse needs of driven women entrepreneurs. By recognizing the different levels of service required, such as mentorship-focused, content-focused, or community-focused, entrepreneurs can create tailored membership offerings that resonate with their audience.

Creating Value and Transformation: Setting the Stage:

One key aspect of developing a successful membership program is understanding the value and transformation that members will experience. Lisa Princic emphasizes the importance of defining clear content pillars, such as mentoring, education, and community, to guide the structure and offerings of the membership. By aligning the chosen platform, such as Facebook groups or other online communities, with the primary pillar of content, entrepreneurs can create a cohesive and engaging membership experience.

The Tools for Success: Simplicity and Efficiency:

To ensure the smooth operation of a membership program, Lisa Princic advocates for leveraging free tools and platforms that simplify and streamline the process. Using tools such as WordPress for website development, Zenler for courses, and Heartbeat for community organization, entrepreneurs can establish a user-friendly and efficient system. Furthermore, simplifying the payment process removes barriers and enhances the overall membership experience.

Pricing and High-Value Offerings: Breaking the Mold:

Lisa Princic challenges the notion that memberships must have a low price point to be successful. Instead, she highlights the importance of pricing according to the value and support provided. By offering high-level support and charging accordingly, entrepreneurs can differentiate their membership offerings, fuel engagement, and achieve greater success. It is crucial to stand by the value of the program and avoid over-delivering out of insecurity. 

Flexibility and Access: Serving Varied Needs:

Recognizing that not all clients want or need a set pace or amount of work, Lisa Princic emphasizes the flexibility of membership programs. Comparing them to more rigid high-ticket programs, she highlights advantages such as the ability to access content at one's own pace and have diverse options for engagement. Entrepreneurs can design self-led programs that cater to individual needs and preferences, offering the opportunity for members to choose their own adventure within the membership.

Flexibility is crucial in ensuring member satisfaction. Not everyone thrives in a structured environment with strict pacing and all the same content. By offering a self-led program, entrepreneurs can provide value even if members only utilize one part of it. This approach caters to the diverse needs and preferences of individuals, allowing them to access what they need when they need it. In contrast, high-ticket programs may come with the risk of under-delivering and causing dissatisfaction among clients. In these programs, the high price point may create higher expectations, which could be challenging to meet consistently. By opting for a membership model, entrepreneurs can stand firmly behind the value they provide, knowing that members have the freedom to engage with the program at their own pace and focus on the areas that are most relevant to them.

This flexibility also extends to the design of the membership structure itself. Lisa emphasizes that not everyone wants or needs community, mentorship, or content in equal measure. Some individuals may primarily seek mentorship, while others may be drawn to the educational content or the sense of community. By recognizing these different desires, entrepreneurs can create membership programs with multiple pillars that cater to different preferences, ensuring that members can find the value they seek within the program. Ultimately, the key is to find a balance between providing structure and guidance while allowing for flexibility and personalization. 

By designing membership programs that offer a variety of options for engagement and content access, entrepreneurs can create a valuable and fulfilling experience for their members. This approach not only meets the diverse needs of clients but also aligns with the values and unique abilities of the entrepreneur, fostering engagement, success, and positive outcomes for both parties involved.  By focusing on value and transformation, aligning with content pillars, and utilizing simple and efficient tools, entrepreneurs can create an engaging and successful membership program. Moreover, pricing should reflect the high-value offerings provided, and flexibility should be a key component to cater to the varied needs of members. By embracing the possibilities that memberships offer, driven women entrepreneurs can truly thrive and make a lasting impact on their businesses and the lives of their members.

As driven female entrepreneurs, it is crucial to align our businesses with our unique abilities and core values while delivering exceptional value and support to clients. With memberships, we can expand our reach and impact while maintaining quality and connection. By navigating the considerations, avoiding potential pitfalls, and tailoring our membership models to our audience's needs, we unlock the true value and transformation that memberships can offer.

Remember, this journey is about growth and making a bigger impact. If you're considering a membership for your business, take the leap and dive into the possibilities. Feel free to DM me on LinkedIn or IG @coachdiannwingert or send me an email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’d like to hear the full episode on The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, you can do that here:



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