PR & Pitching for Experts with Michelle Glogovac

I am always excited to meet another woman who is crushing it in her online business, but the ones that become my biz besties are usually the women who were really successful in a corporate, nonprofit, or academic career before they said “Bye, Felicia!” before going out on their own.  

Today’s guest, Michelle Glogovac, CEO of MLG Collective, a boutique PR & Podcast Pitching Agency that helps authors, entrepreneurs, and experts share their stories. She decided that an online business would suit her life as a wife and mom a whole lot better than her corporate path of working in the aviation industry and give the creative freedom she craved.  How often do you meet a badass biz boss who was up to her eyelashes in conversations about jet fuel in a former life?  How’s that for a career pivot? 

Michelle and I became pals during a business retreat and decided that interviewing one another for our podcasts was a not-to-be-missed opportunity.  Her superpower is seeing the story inside of experts that it is hard for them to recognize and share. This girl understands that she is in the relationship business, not the PR business or jet fuel business.  

She is not only a Podcast Matchmaker but has actually introduced two couples as well.  Michelle has integrity,  genuinely gets to know her clients by reading their books, listening to their podcasts, and doing a deep dive into their online presence. She hates sleazy sales tactics and is as allergic to “copy & paste” pitches as I am. 

Highlights of today’s episode:

  • Michelle talks about the differences between promoting and sharing 
  • We ponder why the more of an expert you are, the harder it is to embrace it
  • How she feels about authors now that she’s on her way to becoming one
  • Two amazing stories of what can happen when you hire a pitch queen (Michelle loved it when I called her that!) 

Mic Drop Moment:  

“I actually have to believe in you to pitch your business, book, or brand” 


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